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If you are experiencing mismatched data errors during registration, kindly contact your college to update your information.:



To access MyMU online grade and balance inquiry you need to be an authorized user and officially enrolled in Misamis University. You can use your account by signing up the register form with your corresponding personal information which exactly match with the record in our system database. Records in this website must be verified in Accounting and Registrar's offices to become valid for any purposes.

In the Registration form please fill up all required fields.

After Registration:

  1. * Your account in MyMU can also be used in MU Web Portal for internet connectivity and Integrated Library System (ILS) for Online Inquiry and Borrowing of Books.

Important Reminders:

  1. * Please be advise that profane language such as: cursing, pejorative language, swearing, expletive, bad word, dirty word, strong language, irreverent language, obscene and/or indecent language, choice words, blasphemy language, foul language, and bad or adult language is prohibited while using MyMU.
  2. * Nude Images and other Indecent images are strictly prohibited. Account will be automatically disabled.
  3. * Confidentiality is very important. So please be reminded that after using your account be sure to LOGOUT. Otherwise you will allow other user to know and access your grade and account information.
  4. * Use a strong username and password to avoid anonymous users to easily guest and access your account.
  5. * To keep your personal information confidential when using public computers, please remember to click on the "Logout" button and CLOSE your browser when you are finished using MyMU.
  6. * Grade Information in MyMU is not valid for any use of school requirement purposes. Only Misamis University Registrar's Office is allowed to issue a valid and official copy of your grade information.

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